Retro☆Magical (future funk)

Hiii there!

Here is a future funk track I’m working on.

I’m not sure about the sax part (from 1’45, made with chopped samples), maybe less dreamy than I wanted… That’s still in progress.

[edit : final version is posted bellow]

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Nice work on sax samples, the solo is very well integrated !
It’s a little speed up isn’t it ? That might be the reason it’s so nervous. By the way, I have the feeling you might enhance rhythm by adjusting a little the samples at some places (for instance the 3rd beat of the first pattern feels like sax is getting a little late)… It seems difficult to get this perfect because the natural speed of the sax sample seems a little below the song’s tempo…

For the rythm track i’d take a look to far more percussive snares, the ones that can replace the kick… I’d also look for more crisp on hihats and more present kick drum, I do not usually listen a lot of future funk but the tracks I just listened had this 70’s feeling with slightly crunched drums…
Usually I achieve this by putting the drum track a little too loud (and adding eq, but no saturation before master, eventually a cabinet simulator can get you nice crisps, but it’s pretty difficult to tweak) and with a maximizer at the end on the master pushing the sound a little off limit that crunches the master track when drums exceed 0db… You have to fine-tweak that, the sweet spot is not that large… :wink:

By the way, that’s a pretty neat and clean track, as always ! Keep up the good work !

Thanks for your detailed feedback! :memo: :grinning:

Mmm certainly the sax part is too nervous, you’ve finded the word I think. I’ll make some other try with other sounds, or with longer notes to keep the feeling less speed and more adjusted.

I agree about the drums, there is a lack of crunchy and punch. I’ll try your advice and tip for ehancing the rythm.

To be continued…

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Finaly I’ve make some tries but I was not completly satisfied. :thinking:
In fact I realize when I’m used to hear a song in one way, it become really really difficult for me to make some change…

As I’ve already spend a lot of time on this track, so it’s time for release! :sunglasses:

Here is the final version, with some more EQing especialy to avoid saturation: