Reveal Sample in Renoise Browser (think OSX: Reveal in Finder)

Hey gang,

I’d really like to be able to (right-)click on a sample or waveform and would get an option to reveal that sample in the Renoise browser.

So darn often I want to change some samples later on and then I spent tons of time browsing to the original folders and search the spot where I left off.

I would bet most of us have a lot of different sample folders in different places so that this must come in handy no matter what.

Now the new preset system is ace for sure and this is already a huuuuuuuuuge step forward, however:

Because there is no option to just load the next/prev. sample into the sampler

this little idea would save hell-a-lot of time and really shoud be super-easy to implement.

Please consider this.

Thanks guys,