Reveal Sound Spire pitchbend


Reveal Sound Spire is a kick ass synth

I spend my day looking for a solution over the internet and i could not find a way to make a pitch bend automation, it starts to drive me really nutz!! i never encountered problems with massive, sylenth, surge etc etc so please do not answer me “look for the pitchbend in the automation device” i even tried to link every oscillator pitches to enveloppes and to control thoses parametters with a hydra device but it’s really not handy and it sounds crap.

Really thank you 1000x if you fix my problem!

It’s a great sounding synth, but very taxing on my laptop, so I really don’t use it :frowning:

Anyway I just tried quickly and it works fine.

Insert a Instr. MIDI control device, turn on its Pitchbend and automate that.

Maybe it’s not all instruments that can be pitchbended?

  • Load Spire
  • Add an *Instr. MIDI Control device to a track, link it to Spire, and enable the Pitchbend control.
  • Add some wibbly wobbly pitchbend automation.
  • Profit.
    VST demo:
    5736 dblue-2015-06-24-spire-pitch-bend.xrns

The ModWheel is on CC#1. :slight_smile:

Maximum wubbiness!

And I thought you `re producing using mpc and Susi…

Oh thank you so much!!! I’m absolutely dumb i didn’t see the pitch bend on/off activation button … pfff silly me! it works just fine now! cheeeeeers guys!