Reveal Sound Spire Reverb EQ

Hi. Is there anyway to eq just to reverb on Spire?? I don’t think there is but if anyone knows how plz let me know.

I think its stupid to have reverb in a synth without being able to cut the dirty low end of it…

I know this is why every good producer says not to use the reverb in the synth, but if I have to mix this again with a reverb vst and achieve the same sound it could take hours or even days lol…

Maybe ask on the Reveal Sound support forum over at KVR Audio, or their Facebook page, or their Twitter.

This forum is for help with our software Renoise. We’re not associated with Reveal Sound in any way.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that some of our Renoise users also have the Spire plugin, and maybe one of them can even give you some tips, but this is just a friendly reminder that you might be barking up the wrong tree :wink: