Reverse 3.1 GUI/layout to 2.8?

I finally took the balls to buy 3.1, because I use Renoise often to cut samples and have been using a downloaded version of 2.8 I thought it would be fair to support Renoise and maybe gain some new features too.

My problem is that the new layout for 3.1 feels uninspiring to work with for me and I would like to reverse the layout to the older GUI/layout. (One thing that really disturbing me, is all the missing tab buttons I had before below the screen…)

Is that possible?

Just try it a while, and you will adapt to it. Also you can hide the right disk browser or detach the sampler/plugin/MIDI view. IMO with those, it’s better to edit samples now.

detach the sampler/plugin/MIDI view

ALT+D to toggle, woohoo!

I put off switching to 3.x because of the layout change. I was working on some albums and didn’t want t mental overhead. And I didn’t like the changes in 3.x

But I realized that before long tools would not be updated for 2.x, and new tools likely not target anything other than 3.x, and bug complaints for older versions tend not to get any notice.

Now I only use 3.1. I’ve gotten used to the UI.

I think if I had made the effort to detail the things I didn’t like in the new version I would still be annoyed. But I didn’t, and I’ve been using 3.1 long enough I couldn’t now tell you what I miss from 2.8.