Reverse reverb effect

can someone walk me through how to do this in renoise its like a sucking effect backwards thing when you have a vocal coming in cheers guys , is there a way thanks

You’ll want to take a reverb sample (IR), reverse it, and place it in the ‘Convolver’ device. To get a full stop, in the FX column of the track, use device on/off commands.

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thank u this sounds promosing easy to do with a vocal ?

Who knows? I don make music with vocals. Try it :slightly_smiling_face:


You cannot really do it in real time, only with much delay - with the convolver loading a backwards ir sample. But then you can only use the convolver for it. You might want to use a reverb plugin:

The standard method is to play back a backwards track of the audio through reverb, record it with reverb, and then reverse that recording again and place into the mix. You can also do so in renoise.

First record the vocals, in a sample. Then reverse the audio track (hit the button with the u-turn arrow in the sample editor), mute all other tracks, or load it in its own project. You now apply reverb to the track, as will create the backwards effect when reversed. You might want to render little excerpts from the track, like with rendering selection, and reverse the resulting samples to see if the reverb was applied right. Then when you are happy with the results, render the whole reverse audio track through the reverb! The resulting sample you reverse again, and place it in a copy of the vocal track. You will have to start it a little earlier than the other sample, or you can cut its beginning if there is silence. Then you have the backwards reverb!



thanks man my audio interface has died today so i have to return it so i cant try it
just yet but thank u so much

Put a vocal on one track with a send to a reverb return track. Render selection to sample the wet return track while playing the vocal.

Reverse your new reverb sample and paste it before your vocal.

thanks i get a new audio interface on monday , ill give these things a try then

Reverse your new reverb sample and paste it before your vocal.