Reverse sample offset when using the reverse sample command?

Whenever I use the sample offset command (-S XX) while using the reverse command (-B or -B 00), why not have it so that the sample offset goes in reverse (from FF to 00) instead of treating it like it’s a different sample and have it from 00 to FF like it was going forwards?

It would be much more intuitive to have it like that because when you look in the sample editor while playing, the cursor position for the sample indicates the position of the sample offset command and when it was playing backwards, you see the markers stay the same. It would make more precise editing with the samples involving the reverse sample command a lot more easier than to guess where it’s going to be in reverse yourself or try to do some hexadecimal calculation.

If this way does get implemented and if there are some people who are used to this way of reversing samples or prefer it that way, maybe have an option so that it can be reverted to the classic way of dealing with sample offsets with the reverse command? I don’t know if there are people who got used to it this way and prefer it. Maybe it would certainly be helpful for better compatibility with older songs where if a newer version of Renoise implements the new way of dealing with sample offset and reverse sample commands, if it opens the song from the older version, it would have it set so that classic option in the song options for it so it doesn’t mess the song up if it uses the reverse and sample offset command at the same time.

I second this, I’m often fiddling around with reversed samples and trying to guess what number to use. It’s trial and error, though to be fair, it can lead to unexpected ‘happy accidents’ when it’s in the wrong place.

In the mean time, if a slice starts s20 and ends at s30, the 30 hex value can be subtracted from FF to get the right offset to play that slice backwards. So a slice at s20 that ends at s30 is FF - 30 = CF or sCF backwards.