Reverse With/Without Envelopes

say i got a sample with a volume envelope applied. say i want to reverse that sample (through the B0-command in the volume column). what if i also want the envelope to go in reverse? what about, in addition to having B0/B1, ‘reverse/re-reverse’, we’d have something like B2/B3, ‘reverse/re-reverse including envelopes’?

cool stuff: reverse a sample including envelopes with B2, then re-reverse using B1, leaving you with a forward sample and a reversed envelope. could yield from pretty cool results if you ask me.

any thoughts?

(i know of the Sample Pause Command suggestion. we could use B5/B6 as well of course)


seriously you guys, is there no-one that is the least bit interested in this feature? even nobody to tell me what bullshit this idea is, or suggest an alternative solution?


Nopes, not interesting.

i am with you on the whole ultimate envelope control thing. in the meantime:

make two instruments, one normal and a ‘reverse’ one? i know you already thought of this, so not much of a suggestion, but… this might not be as much of a compromise as it seems because maybe you decide you wanna tweak the reverse instrument later without affecting the normal one.

don’t listen to me, though, cause i’m so lazy i will make and load up new samples just for reverse cymbals and stuff. not so bad though, cause i can make the backwards ones end where i want them and i don’t screw with the regular samples if i like then as they are.

alternative solutions:
-render sample, do the reverse pattern effect command on the rendered sample…
-copy/paste the same instrument reverse the envelopes…

I like your idea, since it’s less work than the given solutions. :)

@The Witch Kings + @vincentvc:
i agree with you there are different options for achieving the same thing. also, lately i’ve been a bit more critical towards some suggestions, because i feel sometimes people (myself included) suggest things that are simply easier, but not really necessary. this might be one of those ideas.

however, i am happy you all (even you vV!) decided to at least reply to this idea. i hate it when i post something and there is no reply whatsoever, which is why i kept bumping this. so, thanks for that, and the suggestions of course.

what about an envelope command effect.

well yes, that would be even more versatile of course.

XM has the Lxx effect, which is envelope offset. This should be available in Renoise as well I think. By that you could have a ping-pong envelope and use offset to simulate reverse, I guess.