Reversed reverb VST-plugin?

Does anyone know one?
It’s so strange that I’ve never seen one on the net.


My guess is, that since such an effect requires future input to compute the present output, it’s use as a realtime plugin is very small. So to use such an effect, you’ll do almost just as good using some offline editing with a regular reverb and some wave reversing in a soundeditor.

Future input? You always have to start with a sound before you can generate its reversed reverb right? Or must the plugin read the whole sample-data before it can produce the effect, making it too processor-intensive?

Yeah I could use an editor, but I want to mess with the delay of the reverse until it sounds right in the track.

Reading ahead is not an option, since it be unusable in many contexts. And because of that, you would have to play the sound, then somehow trigger the reverb effect after the sound has played long enough to get the reversed reverb.

Or maybe I could use sample A and its reversed sample A’.
Then use sample A in track 1 and sample A’ in track 2, with reverb and with a 100% wet setting.
I’ll try it out.

It kinda works, I guess it’s close enough for basic use.


who would ever use this effect anyhow :) :) :)

… but you’re not too keen on normal revs either, am I right? :P

Techno and trance artists sometimes use it.

why using two different samples?

you can use the play backward track command, 0Bxx where xx is the percentage offset.

Yeah, that would also work ofcourse.
I don’t know the effects by heart yet. :)

Hello fellows,still need any vst??)

I didnt know about this plugins,thanks) How about OS X??

Check this out:

4 reverbs, one which is “inverse”(sort of reverse…)


I’ve always called this effect “preverb”

…and yeah, doing it in real-time without latency is impossible. The effect can’t guess what signal is going to come next.