Review It!

I just did a google on “renoise 1.5” and found a dozen of music related sites where one can review it… and that there’s not many (balanced, i.e. extremely positive) reviews out there! The press release seems to be well disseminated though.
Why not go beyond this forum and announce/confirm The Second Coming? (sorry, Parsec, for invoking religious ideas again) :yeah:

LOL :lol:
Yes, I noticed the DEVS are much more likely to give you feedback than the christian god… or actually any kind of god at all… and you will use Renoise in this life, not in the thereafter… so in the end I guess you were right… there is at least ONE good religion around: RENOISE!
:lol: :yeah:

Just finally submitted a review here that I had written a few days ago:

If anyone else wants to write one here you need at least ten posts in the KVR forum and need to be a registered user of renoise, also not part of the dev team.

Apart from that you are free to write and review :)

Thanks Bantai, hope it may help some new host hunters on their path to try renoise!

A couple more reviews are now on the KvR renoise page for any interested:

Back from Japan Bantai?
We miss your presence around here lately…


Renoise allows you 12 notes per row, 4 effect columns per row in one fully dedicated track :D

These are not per note, but for the whole track. Only panning and volume column effects are per-note and if you use 12 subtracks, this will be 12 per note or depending if you use two effects in a panning AND volume column:2 simultaneous per note. But since not all effects from the effect columns are available for the panning/volume columns i’ll just keep this idea toned down.

I’m glad all of the mentioned cons are a personal experience considering lacks and not really mentioning flaws in existing routines.
But taste differ among various users, Renoise is suitable for various purposes but not all, for some it’s their core music creation engine and for some it’s just a welcome add-on into their collection of required tools.

The other reviews seem pretty constructive as well.

i’ll keep my mout shut, so that maybe one day i wont need to.

Not actually my review vvoois ;)

Mine is 4tune`s at the bottom of the page, that is my nic at KvR.

(think I will add this to my sig line as it has come up a couple of times now)

Still gave hseiken a useful vote bar those slight errors as it gave a good account of his uses for renoise.

LOL, hopefully when that day comes you will be able to share all the good things you found about renoise.

Critics are always welcome… there are many things in the pipeline.
So with the new release you can start with fresh aggrevations to post, or maybe you surprisingly will be very happy with the new edition :D

But okay, just do ten post on the KVR forum and then post your review upon KVR…
Just to balance out the idea the current reviews may still be too biased.

ive tried every single tracker i could find since when renoise 1.5 final came, reason being, is that i have not been able to make music with renoise since then, in fact i havne tbeen able to make music at all. so just the idea of a new edititon that i might be able to use is sound of the spheres.
i would much rather see a biased account bring new registered users and keep the devs at work, then me going off the deep end again.

btw you did a terrific job with those video tutorials.…fm?modelID=1899

Look what LoneStar wrote… :angry:

is it true?

a day later…
after thinking about it, i do recall somthing when i registered renoise. i think maybe what it was is that the owners of the company_name DBA
i cant remember but that name would be the name the guy should be refering to and if not then his post retains little if no validity.
he might be completely right about it too tho.
he also speaks of a friend that says 1 line of code needs to be fixed?
i dont know that much about any other code except some sc3 and a very little c++,
but theres no way one line of code could fix the vsti problem hes refering to.
expecially since the midi nrpn that was talked about years ago is still not implemented.
i hope that is the only place hes decided to post , and even tho there is still problems, Renoise is still by far the best tracker with vst/i support available.


so today i thought i would try and make something with renoise again on my desktop, bad idea! i really wish i could code, i really do. its strange how i can play doom 3 with the 2nd to best settings, but yet renoise sounds like static shit -even with a 1024 buffer size.
and all that is in it is one premiere vsti synth and 2 breakbeat samples…
its amazing. time to start reading the C book, and make my own renoise.