Revisit 0.89a

I am keeping my eye on this interesting plug as it is still in development…

I think loads of ppl still having unfinished .IT songs around may find this news interesting… (Specially the DCT and DA features) :

I’m really impressed with reViSiT. Haven’t had a chance to test the latest alpha, but Chris Nash has done some tremendous work. Still hoping that he might want (or be able/have time) to join the Renoise team later on, or make some 3rd party tools.

I like revisit, but it’s useless to me in renoise as it crashes when I load samples in it. Under ableton live or cubase, revisit will load fine…?
Anybody else experience this?

Edit: by the way this is with the latest versions of both pieces of software as of this posting date

Latest version currently is 0.89.2
I have no idea how it runs in the other hosts.

Sorry- I meant to say it does run well in other hosts… so it confuses me that I am having problems with revisit inside of renoise.

You can load samples in Revisit running it in Cubase and Ableton?
I thought this feature was disabled:
i can’t click the load button in the sampler and when i select a sample-slot and hit enter (the way it used to be in IT and st3) i get an open dialog and well the keyboard functionality indeed hangs.
So i thought that the open dialog was only to load an IT (or Revisit) file.

I think this is related to the keyboard focus that is being pulled over between Renoise and Revisit.
I also don’t think this can be fixed easily, it looks like Revisit uses directdraw routines for it’s windows as well and those situations are know for conflicts between Renoise and plugs that uses DDraw in general.
(Revisit is not the only plug that is in conflict with Renoise because of DDraw)

I can’t load a sample from the load button either, and like you said, when you hit enter select a sample slot, revisit hangs when used in renoise. I really think it was supposed to be functional for loading waves rather than just revisit specific files. In ableton the load button is still greyed out, but when I select a sample slot and hit enter, I get a dialogue box that looks different than the one that appears in renoise (it’s smaller and in the file type section it says .wav by defualt), and I can select any wave I want to and get to work, everything works great in Live…

Didn’t know that this was supposed to be a disabled feature… :blink:

Well, i don’t think this is done in Renoise.
But like i said, it might be a conflict with a DDraw routine.
Could you post a screenshot of the load dialog you see in Ableton / Cubase?

Is this what you wanted?

You guys should one day do a vst version of renoise… oh god- I can just imagine cranking out some breaks in renoise and rendering them and bringing them right into my other host, mangling them up and bringing back into renoise for more mayhem… this would be so fluid. I like revisit, but I’m kinda put off by the way they set up key commands and not being able to use my mouse. Also the screen constantly goes into the background all the time. Right now using midi yoke with live does the trick ok, but i still have the issue of having to use different drivers for each host.

Yes thanks, i posted a request to Chris Nash to look into it.
If it’s Renoise that’s the problem then i will hopefully hear from Chris in what direction the cause should be looked for.

so hey, does revisit really work to be able to use it now?

ive been wanting to load this up in puredata for awhile now,but from the looks of those pics it might be plausible. :D

It works in Renoise, but the only way to get samples into it is to stuff them in an IT mod first and load the IT mod into revisit.

It plays songs as soon as you hit a Note in Renoise.
Pressing the F5 / F6 / F7 button without doing that doesn’t trigger Revisit to play.
Also you need the same amount of sequence positions to let it play the whole song, it keeps track of what the position of the Renoise sequence arranger is.
(miraculously it also plays the current selected sequence position if you would start songplay from there in Renoise)

Hi Everyone,

Chris Nash here (reViSiT coder). Vincent made me aware of this thread/problem, so I thought I’d weigh in.

reViSiT does support sample (.wav) loading, through Enter in the Sample List. The button is grayed out because mouse support is not quite there for this section of reViSiT. However, this specific button will be in the next release (v0.89.3).

reViSiT does not use any DirectX or DirectDraw. It is coded, as much as possible, to be platform independent. Therefore, it tends to rely on the VSTGUI graphics libraries specifically designed for VST plug-ins. To solve certain problems with the library, though, it has been necessary to use the occassional Win32 specific code - notably, to create (but not draw) the second window (the Pattern Editor, etc.) and handle its keyboard input.

Vincent mentioned having to use notes to trigger reViSiT playback. This is not the case - make sure you have “Auto Suspend” OFF. Also, to playback using F5 (or sync’d with the host), you’ll need some entries in the Order List (otherwise there is no song).

Louis mentioned having a problem with reViSiT always going into the background. This can be avoided by using the Always-On-Top feature, which can be toggled by clicking the padlock-shaped button in the top right of the Pattern Editor. Also, in v0.89.3, there will be a Windows-wide key to bring the reViSiT Window to the foreground directly - Ctrl-Alt-R. If it already has focus, the shortcut will return reViSiT to the background. Similar functionality is already available using Manual Keyboard Mode, but in v0.89.3, this will no longer be necessary.

The file dialog problems experienced in Renoise are due to slight shortfalls in the Renoise VST implementation. Plug-ins do not control the file dialogs, the host does. However, they do pass a blueprint to the host of what it requires from the dialog, so that the host can service the request appropriately. This blueprint is a variable of type VstFileSelect, and contains everything from whether the dialog should be Open or Save, to where directory browsing should start and what file types (extensions) are relevant. Inevitably, it is entirely up to the host to deliver the dialog, and unfortunately most of these details are ignored by Renoise. Here are some details (for devs and anyone who cares), but full information can be got from the Steinberg VST SDK:

.command = kVstMultipleFilesLoad
reViSiT is designed so that multiple samples can be loaded at once, from a single file dialog - as supported by the VST spec. However, Renoise does not appear to recognise this “command” and reverts to “kVstFileLoad”. The data structures used for each type are different, so are liable to cause problems for any plug-ins that support multiple loading. In reViSiT 0.89.3, I have coded a workaround that will allow Renoise to load single samples, but it would be better if Renoise could be updated to support this VST feature.

reViSiT tries to set the initial starting path of the sample and module files, using those specified by the user in the preferences screen (or the last used for that purpose), so as to save all that annoying navigating around in the folder hierarchy. Renoise ignores this setting and defaults to its own “current directory”. (DEVS: Note that it is debateable what format to use for the path: Steinberg hosts actually require a filename and path, e.g. “C:\folder*.mod” with the “*.mod” being placed in the File Name box, whereas most other hosts tend towards just the path, such as “C:\folder” or “C:\folder”).

.fileTypes = VSTFileType[]
Plug-ins will also specify which file types are appropriate for listing and use in the dialog - to fill the “File of type:” box. Renoise ignores this and defaults to “.” (All files).

Hope this helps,

Thx for the reply Chris.
Post added to the Bug department.

yes chris, thanks for visiting and for the info- much appreciated!