Revisit 1.2 Released...

Revisit development keeps improving…

Pattern zoom has now been implemented…

Darn. No OS X version? :unsure:

yes, would be awesome if there was!!

Yo dawg, I heard you like trackers, so put a tracker in your tracker…

Seriously though ReViSiT is a pretty handy tool.

i still need to figure out how i use this with renoise :blink:

Nice idea. But why not make a Renoise-version with the monitoring code? But I’ll have a look. Can it load .xrns as well?

The only real good thing is that you can attach pattern clips to MIDI notes, so if you would e.g. send a C-4 to it, it would e.g. play pattern 04 if you attached pattern 4 to C-4.
If you need a good alternative for an arranger right now, Revisit is the one!

never knew you could do that! any other things that can do this?

Buzz/Buzé can do it via livejump machine.

wasn’t there also a way of (nondestructively) transposing the contents of the attached pattern clip, so you could just play it as you please, willynilly?

OK gonna bump this old thread .
using revisit 1.7 standard in audiomulch …but ffs I can’t change the rows per beat …field is greyed out , so it stays at 4 rows per beat.(which is equivalent to renoise 4 lpb )
Is this normal in the standard edition ,?

I’m sorry to say that it appears so. He is running a winter special right now if you want to buy it and support the project.

If you register, you can also join the Beta program (currently 1.8):

Man every time I’ve tried revisit inside Reaper it just runs like crap… So I haven’t tried in a while.

I thin k you’re meaning the high resolution in between lines …aka pattern zooming .which is indeed for the pro version
I just want to change basic …rows per beat …Highly crippled if you cant change it from 4 , that means shortest note is a 1/16 =1 line .

what’s wrong with setting speed by axx?