reVisit, for the IT/MOD/XM craving composers..

reViSiT v1.7.4 update released

I’m delighted to announce the public release of reViSiT 1.7.4. This is a minor update with several fixes and workflow improvements, but also includes an updated synth/audio engine, improving both audio quality and performance (and extending the architecture, ahead of v1.8). See the full changelog below for details. reViSiT 1.7.4 is now available for download from:



reViSiT v1.8 beta version next week

reViSiT v1.8 will introduce a major upgrade to the built-in synthesizer, with velocity-mapped and layered samples, and support for SoundFont 2 and sfz instruments. Through the reViSiT website, users will have access to a growing library of free, high-quality presets and sound banks, including complete General MIDI sets, orchestral samples, and synthesizer patches. This library will aim to provide a “ROM” of sounds for new users, who don’t have their own collection, but also for seasoned reViSiT composers, who don’t want to mess around with instrument or plugin settings – but just dial up an instrument and start writing music! The first reViSiT 1.8 beta version, which also includes a number of other developments such as improved MOD/IT/XM playback (with old tracker timing) and tools for managing samples and channels, should be available to registered users in the coming days.

I’m curious, but god that UI looks about as ugly as Windows 95. Not retro enough to be charming, not “designed” enough to be slick. Still interested though, I’ve always liked the idea of a tracker VST integrated into a DAW.

What a i like about reVisit is that you can control patterns (mapped to midi keys, hit the midi button in the order list) which allows better clip-based playing. This also enables layering instruments without having to reserve multiple tracks for multiple instruments.
It is quite a bit of work perhaps, but is doable.

Holy shit! updates immediately

PS: is a boss, has pro version, feels super extra bad for pretty much never using it

Any tunes sitting around that people have made using reViSiT? I’d like to see what others have done with it.