Revisit V086.5 Released

For those that want an IT compatible tracker as VSTI inside renoise:

Update info:

v0.86.5 [ADD] Advanced MIDI features. All tracker effects (exc.
Oxx) now affect MIDI output.
[ADD] MIDI Aftertouch / Control Change Effects
[ADD] MIDI Settings dialog to configure instrument MIDI
settings, including pitch bend range (and
resolution), default MIDI velocity and MIDI Effect
[ADD] Renoise 1.5 now supported (Thanks to Taktik).
[ADD] Keymap pitch settings now enabled.
[ADD] Keymap effect settings now enabled. Row effects
combine with, rather than replace, keymap’s.
[MOD] Audio Effects Engine re-written. All row effects
should now behave exactly as in IT2. New engine
supports multiple effects per row (not accesible
in interface yet).
[MOD] Pitches moved an octave down (to mirror IT2)
[MOD] Exx/Fxx now share parameter memory.
[MOD] Sample / Instrument audition now operates: key
down = note on, key up = note off (as in IT2).
[MOD] Cursors now skips channel during selection.
[MOD] MIDI Reset no longer transmits “All Sound Off”.
[MOD] Alt-M (mix clipboard) now initially fills empty
rows, then empty fields of each row.
[MOD] New font for path boxes and drop lists.
[MOD] About 50% performance boost from compiler tweaks.
[MOD] Folder dialogs now carry advice.
[MOD] Alt-D now begins with selection the size of Minor
(was Major) highlight, then doubles each time.
[MOD] Sample inherits name from sample filename.
[MOD] Special characters/symbols now available in sample
and instrument names.
[MOD] Pressing shift during transpose (Alt-A/Q) now
shifts by octave.
[MOD] Input mask now splits effect command & parameter.
[MOD] Cursor step now affects cursor key movement.
[MOD] Auditioning in keyMap only accesible with ‘4’ key.
[MOD] Notes Off now triggers MIDI note off (was that
only Note Cut did so).
[MOD] Effect of panbrellos and tremolos now shown in
Info Page.
[FIX] Top droplists no longer usable when dialog active.
[FIX] Crashing when reViSiT exited during playback.
[FIX] Numpad symbols intefering with main keyboard.
[FIX] Auditioning no longer limited to 32 notes.
[FIX] MIDI Reset on F8 not always triggering.
[FIX] Pattern switching inteferes with selection.
[FIX] Errors when insert order list entries.
[FIX] Main menu inaccessible from Song Variables page.
[FIX] MIDI device list visible through Main Menu.
[FIX] Crashing/Errors while loading specific samples.
[FIX] Auditioning in Sample list auditioned instruments.
[FIX] KeyMap cursor able to leave track to right.
[FIX] Left and Right VU meters swapped in Info Page.


looks awesome… but… no offense, but what would it be used for ??

by whom is probably the better question…

By people that want 100% IT support in Renoise.
Though i have been able to load IT files in it, i haven’t been able to play or use the samples :angry:

yeah really…
i got the link the other day in my email, but, how the hell do you use it?
from what i could see it seemed as if every possible way of doing anything in it is disabled!
its like a graphics hungry useless peice of work.
i mean there is the chance i completely overlooked one of the buttons that actually did work but really… why does this guy send emails out when you cant even use the thing?

personally i think its a damn good idea and the guy definetelly could make money, maybe years from now i might get the chance to use it… it would be perfect to use in one of the vsti hosts that do nothing but host vsti’s and even better to use inside a vsti wrapper in linux.
hopefully the guy will lighten the gui up about 50%-75% because its way to heavy for what it is.
did i completely miss something here, does it actually work?