ReWire alternative/solution (4 years later)?

As many others I was one of those who was so disappointed when ReWire was discontinued. But now it has been a few years so one would expect to find some decent alternative.

So, not being very active or updated with current events I was just wondering how you guys solved this issue?

Maybe you’re doing some workarounds you could share?

Or if there are some interesting products in development?

Let’s look forward and find the next thing! :sparkles:

And yes, I’ve read about Blue Cat Connector and Ableton Link but they don’t have the transport control as far as I’m concerned so it doesn’t sound they are comparable or even worth the hassle. Or prove me wrong.

I’m a Logic + Renoise user.


I’m guessing something like Virtual Audio Cable would be missing certain features as well?

I’ve been using this for strange routing schemes on Windoze, but it looks like they have a Mac version as well. Used in conjunction with some loopbacks, you might be able to rig up a transport control of sorts if you’re crafty enough. I’d help out with jerry-rigging a solution but no Mac for me

Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything that provides the same functionality that Rewire used to. Another user in this thread

was able to get some use out of a plugin called Rewire VST by XT Software.

But really, the idea of running Renoise as a VST plugin inside another host is very attractive to me, assuming they get the transport synch, etc. implemented correctly, and I hope the Renoise developers consider it.

If you want just synchronized 2 app in osx you can try to use native iac driver. Check audio midi preference and activated this tool. I used this device with tidalcycles+ renoise.

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I can’t remember how rewire exactly worked, but there is support for ableton link now. Perhaps it covers what you want?

Thanks! But sorry, I have no idea what you’re taking about. :man_shrugging:

Thanks, I’ll look into Rewire VST. But I doubt it has the same functionality, because I’ve read that VST can’t affect the transportbar somehow.

Regarding Renoise as a VST, I fully agree. That would be even better than Rewire. :dizzy:

Thanks. Will it work like Rewire, so that you can use the transportbar in both apps including tempo-sync, etc?

its midi protocol, without audio export to another DAW . just note control cc automate and temp synchronize (Master or Slave)


I’ve read about Ableton Link, yes. But it seems it doesn’t have the transport-functionality like Start/Stop according to taktik in this thread. He said that it will be implemented in a future version though (two years ago).

I’ve read that Logic has this funcionality so I have to try this out and see if that’s the only difference to Rewire and get back to this.

Ok, with other words not like Rewire if I’m not mistaken. But thanks anyway.

its is a stable native midi utility. I think it is more stable compared to Ableton link.

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JACK Audio Connection Kit is on Mac and has a transport function IIRC.

I’ve tried this now. Link in Renoise sync only tempo. So if it could sync start/stop and song position it would be the same as Rewire. On Links part these functions exists, so it’s only up to implemention in Renoise.

Interesting that ReWire could be implemented at a VST level.

Were you seeing sample-accurate sync just like host-level ReWire? Any downsides?