Rewire Booter


Simple little VST plugin for use in Rewired projects
If you run Renoise slaved to say Reaper you load this plugin in the Reaper project and type in the path to the saved Renoise project (In Reaper untick show rewire panel in prefs)
Now when you start your Reaper project it will automagically boot Renoise with the correct project

Should work in all situations just save it in the host project and point it to the slave project
It’s not quite a single file but it make life a metric f**k bunch easier ;)


Great idea.

Bungle: pass “-ForceRunningAsSlave” to Renoise as param before the filename, then it will suppress the “Would you like to run as slave, bla…” message on startup and directly run as slave…
To find out where Renoise.exe is, you could use “LOCAL_MACHINE:\SOFTWARE\Propellerhead Software\ReWire\Renoise\DevicePath”

Oh brilliant idea Taktik
cheers dude

I will have to remake it because currently i just launch the XRNS
I will change it and launch Renoise and feed it the arguement and file location instead ;)


hey, bungle, thanks for all your renoise>rewire>reaper explanations and ideas. really helpfull!

Nah i can’t make that work at all TakTik
I tried putting it before the Renoise project name
I tried putting it before the Renoise full project path

Nothing at all here i’m afraid :(


Oh, sorry. You are right. Passing both, the filename and the flag wont work…

I spent an hour and half on that hahahahaha
Thought i was losing it


New version 0.02
Just press the button and find the file no need to type in the path anymore



Does the plugin now uses the OS file-extension association to open the assigned application for it?

Yeah thats how it always worked
Why is there an issue with that ?
If so i can change it to booting the exe with an argument to load the project


It depends if you can submit arguments. You mentioned that it didn’t worked in your last attempt, but perhaps this is just the method of how you start the application?

No Taktik said it isn’t possible to do
I can do the argument thing but Renoise wont see the two arguments
Either way it works as is for now anyway until or if Renoise supports both arguments