Rewire Doesnt Start (Renoise & Reaper)

I want to rewire renoise with Reaper. Renoise doesn’t ask if I want it to run as a Slave when I open it, because of that, its not the option to rewire in Reaper.
Im running Mac OS x, and Renoise 2.5 demo.

Renoise should be opened from within Reaper, not manually. If you open Reaper first and then go to the rewire list (through the fx button on the track), Renoise should be listed. If you select Renoise, it should then also open and then it should offer you to run as ReWire slave.
If Renoise is not listed in the Reaper ReWire list, then something might be wrong with your ReWire configuration. (Either in Reaper or with Renoise)

Thanks for help a non-registered user! That works, but only a prompt notifying about the hiss appears, not the rewire option. I live in a lovely third world country and here 60 euros are a lot of money, I will really like to support your work, but until I can buy it, I will help promoting Renoise in every forum/site/social network I can.

Yes, sorry, i had no idea for the Demo version that this hiss-warning dialog does appear, i do know that Both ReWire slave and Master should work with the demo, though only with a few limitations. The hiss part does belong to the slave mode, so i guess Renoise does start in slave mode, which means it works with the subtile hiss :)

Yes, it works perfect in slave mode :walkman: (I didn’t try like master). Reaper works different than other DAWs (In live when I start Renoise the rewire dialog appears), and the master is send to the track with renoise in the FX. I dont know how to send each individual track in Renoise to individual tracks in Reaper. ^_^