Rewire Midi Latency

Edit: I’m leaving this up in case someone else is in my position. I combed through about 2 dozen threads on the Reaper forums before I found the answer, and it’s literally clicking one button. Just have to arm the rewire track in Reaper.

Ok I know I’ve asked a lot about Rewire but I’ve got to ask this. I know there’s people on here that rewire Reaper to Renoise, and I can’t imagine they’re putting up with this midi latency, but I can’t even begin to figure out how to kill it.

Here’s what I want to do: Use Reaper for audio tracks, Renoise for everything else. I’ve given up on wanting to route audio from Reaper into Renoise into the precise tracks I want, I don’t care about that anymore, all I want is the most basic function of glueing Renoise and Reaper together. Of course in order to be able to record into the audio tracks, Renoise has to be slave.

So first of all, I have to disable my midi controller in Reaper in order to use it in Renoise, which is fine. I have 2 controllers anyways, and can just set one up for Reaper and one for Renoise, no problem.

The problem I’m hitting is, after setting this up, the midi latency is unworkable. It’s hard to estimate exactly but I would say it’s around 300+ms delay from me hitting a note and that note playing. And the thing is, this is not limited to midi controllers. I get that same latency when playing on the computer keyboard as well.

So do people that rewire reaper and renoise just put up with this, or am I just missing something here? Or is this a question that might be best for Reaper forums?

Its pretty strange that there is latency. I’m rewiring renoise with reason, where renoise is master. I dont have any latency problem. Renoise handling all midi stuff and redirect note / midi events to reason. It also works great, when midi is used by reason. It works atleast for me perfectly and i dont feel any latency. I can play piano without any problems in renoise, rewired with reason. But i’m also use pretty small audio buffers, which allows me small audio latency about (2-4ms).
Anyway, it could be possible, that your problem is a bad implementation of rewire on repear side.

Well I’m not using Renoise as master, I’m using it as slave because I want to record into the audio tracks. I figured it out though and edited my post, just have to arm the rewire track in reaper and the latency disappears as if by magic.