Rewire Q's: Play Pattern/block With Orion / MIDI Start/Stop


Havent touched any audio app for ages now, but rewire implementation opened up a whole new can of goodieness so i just DL’ed demo of Orion 7.62 and Renoise to see if i can finally make music exactly the way i wanted years ago.

Anyway, my first question is:
is it possile to play block or pattern in renoise, while master(orion) is stopped?. Pressing currently play does nothing. Im not sure if rewire is supposed to allow that, but i discovered that holding down - play line - kind of does it - but it doesnt play to the BPM which can be a problem.

So can i somehow play to the BPM or should i post an Ideas&Suggestions thread asking for BPM based “play line” mode?

My second question would be:
Can renoise currently send out midi signals for start/stop/song position?
I know that orion is supposed to be able to receive those but idk if i need to add some kind of midi devices for that somehow.

If Renoise is in Slave mode, the Audio panel in the Preferences shows some specific options regarding ReWire.

The Full transport sync should also trigger the master as well, but BPM&Bar mode allows you to trigger Renoise and perform independant pattern / sequence selection from the master.
This is for live performance.
If you want to trigger the master as well, you need Full Transport sync.

wow thanks… this is nearly perfect :)
didnt know to look rewire options from audio config doh.

not quite 100% what i want (id have to switch between full sync and bpm/bar sync a lot) But this way the workflow is more than enjoyable already…