Rewire Question - Launch Clips In Slaved Ableton Live Possible?

Well, topic says it all I guess… is there a way to launch clips in Ableton Live through Rewire from within Renoise? At least I couldn’t find any hints on the forum.

I dont think its possible, because the rewired channels from Renoise goes directly to Live’s instruments. Maybe the easiest way would be to add a separate midi connection like midi yoke. Rewire would still help to keep things synced up.

This is possible via virtual MIDI cable stuff:

This annoys me about Live, it must be said; would it have been that hard to open rewire up to encompas these functions when they are already midi and key mapable?
In my excitement at having rewire I uninstalled midi ox like a fool. :(

imho, it sucks if a host supports ReWire only for the audio routing…
For the demoversion i would understand such restriction, but not for the full blown version.