How To Send Midi Cc From Renoise To Ableton Live To Control Scenes

hi… i really would like to find out, how do i make this work:

i am trying to create a midi instrument in renoise, that i control with the midi-control-device in renoise. the midi-control-device is set to send out, say, midichannel1, CC 74 slider. how would i go about sending this data, via a virtual midi port, (or via rewire??) to ableton live, so that i could use a controller in renoise to start a specific scene in ableton live playing.

even just an effect row command would be great! so, does anyone send any “switch” commands rfom renoise to another host?
i have virtual midi ports working on my pc already, so that’s not the issue as far as i can see.

but what id really like to know is are there any effect row commands that can be used to send on/off switches to a virtual midi port, to control logic or ableton live?

it would be the hottest thing ever to be able to toggle scenes in ableton live by renoise tracker commands. :w00t:

Live adds no general MIDI port via ReWire, only ports to directly feed Lives tracks. You have to use a virtual MIDI cable like MIDI Yoke on Windows, or the IAC bus on OSX.

yep, and use it i did. now that i configured ableton live to receive remote input from port “>live”, which renoise sends notes to, and switched from “DirectAudio” (midiport definition of “>live”) to “MME” (midiport definition of “>Live”, which renoise opens) i now can toggle ableton live’s scenes via a virtual midi port, from renoise (being slaved to ableton live).

this is completely :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

you’ve made renoise into absolutely the most powerful tool i could ever have, when coupled into ableton live. this stuff is seriously good.

thank you so much.

Forgot to add: if you then want to control lives scenes/clips in Renoise via pattern commands, simply use a “MIDI Control Device” in Renoise to send out CCs. CC values >= 40 should start a clip in Live.

This is a bit awkward to set up, yes, but should work. Don’t forget to make some vids from this, as soon as you got it running. I would also love to see if that works or not.

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well, so far i’ve sent notes in renoise to a midi instrument, and thus mapped c1 to start scene#1 and c#1 to scene#2 etc, but i will definitely try out pattern commands with the midi control device. i think with the MME switch it should work, but i’ll try it tonight. switching scenes at the start of a pattern in renoise with effect commands on the pattern would be completely utterly brilliant!!

not sure how to vid it tho.

hi, i tried ableton live 6.11 + renoise’s current beta build and rewire, and with IAC configured, yes, the midi-control-device set to CC 42 (and others after 40) will switch scenes. so yes, pattern commands can be used to switch scenes in ableton live, just as long as ableton live is set to receive from the IAC port as both midi in and remote. or something. i enabled IAC port 2 to live as midi in, midi remote, and as midi controller, so one of those 3 works :)
this is very, very good.
id take a video of it if i could, but for now, yes, it works. brilliant work

I meant that CC values > half of its range (40 hex) will act as an on switch. Of course you can use whatever CC !number! you want, you just have to map them in Live. Using notes instead of CCs might be easier though… Well, just as you want.

Btw: Have you already checked if this virtual MIDI cable mess is the cause of your render problems?

Btw: Instead of manually mapping all clips/scenes in live, you could also use Lives MIDI scripting abilities:…urface-scripts/

Could anybody please explain this in Layman’s terms? I’m on OSX if that helps.

basically you use a virtual midi port from renoise, to send a midinote to ableton live, which’s scene (in the session view) has been set to start playing when a specific midinote is received.
this is one way to use the session view to loosely arrange a track, which i sometimes do, and now renoise gievs you the possibility of starting those scenes on the cue of renoise, instead of on your own cue. which is nice.

So with the above described method using a virtual midi bus, you’d still have to manually map each scene in Ableton Live to specific MIDI CC or note in order for Renoise to be able to trigger them from the pattern editor? If so, that seems rather limiting and inconvenient.

I guess the only way to control Live’s scenes from the Renoise pattern editor without manually mapping every clip/scene in Live is to have some sort of Python control surface script for Live like taktik mentioned? Unfortunately I have zero programming experience so apologies if I’m not making sense. Anyone more clued in know if this is easily doable? Could we utilize existing scripts or does the script need to be Renoise-specific?

Well, manually mapping stuff is always a pain, but gear and hardware is very diverse, so making mappings for a specific type of hardware is helpful for a group of people, but will most of the time exclude those using different hardware.
The positive turnside of having this stuff mapped, you can always save your song as a (individually named) template to use in the next new occasion so you don’t have to redo all those mappings again.
You can even set up a simple batch file to load one template in the master and the other template in the slave host if you desire so you also get the right setup loaded in the correct order.

just wondering if this is still the best way to control Ableton from inside Renoise?:smiley_cat:

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