Rewire? Rearoute

REAPER during install gives you the option to install ReaRoute, which is something remotely similar to ReWire. It’s still under development, so don’t expect too much from it yet.
But it can receive Renoise’s outputs nicely which could probably be of some use.

How to do it?

Install REAPER with ReaRoute.
Run Renoise and select the ReaRoute ASIO driver. (It might feel as the PC is very slow for a few seconds.)
Run REAPER and insert an audio track.
Hit the rec button of the track and then R-click on the ‘monitor-speaker icon’ or ‘REC IN’.
From there select ‘monitor input’ and on the bottom ‘stereo input-> rearoute channel 1/2’.
Go to Renoise, hit play.
Go to REAPER and see that it’s receiving input.

You can do this for many tracks-> different outputs. Just select a different routing output in Renoise (from track DSPs) and add a track in REAPER with the correct settings for that routing.

You could use this for mixing inside REAPER and probably also record along something from an outside audio-card input. (Although I haven’t tried the latter yet.)

So, the Rewire-Fans can be happy? Never tried Rewire and so I do not know, what the advantage is.

Well, ReWire has some other features, like transfer of midi data, synchhronising tempo… ReaRoute is a simple audio driver, ReWire is a whole code inside programs.
I also read that with ReWire the PDC works, when receiving audio from “slave” and applying effects in the “master” host. So you could, for example, use PDC of Cubase for mixing tracks that come from Renoise.
I haven’t maneged to do this in REAPER, yet. REAPER has PDC, but it doesn’t seem to work when using ReaRoute to stream audio from Renoise. I’ll ask the author some more about this.


Yeah… definetely waiting for the rewire.


i was thinking, with reason 4.0 sounding soooo good now, it would be great to be able to run it inside of renoise…

though im perfectly happy with sampling bits in reason and dropping them into renoise as well. :D

Maybe you can rearoute Reason with Renoise. Tried that?