Rewire/Reason : Seperate Tracks

hi everybody!

When i rewire Reason in slave mode, is it possible to attribute one instrument of Reason to one track in Renoise?
For example, on track one i’ve got drums using redrum, on track two a Thor synth, on track 3 a NN-XT sampler etc… So that i can mix each instrument separately.

At the moment, when i rewire, i can make different instruments in renoise using the instruments of REason but when i mute one of them, all reason instruments are muted… I can see on the mixer that each track has all the instruments “coming out of them” even though i’ve only put notes in for one instrument
I’ve tried putting a “rewire in device” on each track but i get the same issue

I think using midi Yoke would solve my problem (midi control from a renoise track to a channel on bus A in reason for ex) but i can’t open Reason NOT in slave mode when renoise is already open…

I’ve tried to explain the best i could…i hope you can understand! ^_^


There is a dropdown option in the Rewire-in device called “Channel”… using that one might perhaps help you out here.
Ofcourse in Reason you also have to assign your instruments to the same “Channel” that you select in the ReWire-in device.

you have to insert multiple rewire instances for each instrument and insert them on a separate track if you want to add effects
ex. rewire out 1/2 …mahlstrom ( just an example ) you have to route each instrument to a separate out in reason
new rewire device out 3/4 …thor
It works perfectly

I’ve solved the problem! i just didn’t route the instruments properly to each channel in Reason… should have read the reason manual more carefully :rolleyes:

thanx for your help, and putting me in the right direction!

i can go to sleep now :smashed:
and rock renoise tomorrow :yeah:

rock on