Rewire, renoise as slave, live as master


When renoise is slave to Live, patterns in renoise doesnt loop correctly. It only loops the last pattern created, it doesnt start from pattern 0. Repeat current pattern only is not activated. What could be wrong?

Rewire isn`t supported any longer. Live uses Ableton Link instead.

Use the search option in this forum in order to get to know some workarounds.

ReWire isn’t support by Propellerheads anymore, but it should still work in older versions of Live.

Renoise repeats the last pattern here to extend it’s timeline in order to continue running. So this is expected. If you set a loop in Renoise or Live which covers Renoise’s timeline, it should use that one in both, Live and Renoise.

Alternatively, there’s a “BPM & Bar” sync mode in Renoise when running as ReWire slave. To enable it, start Renoise as ReWire, then open the Audio Preferences. When enabled, it will not start/stop with the host and only sync to the host’s bar time and tempo. This is very similar to what Ableton Link is.

Depending on what you want to do, this may work better than the “Full Transport Sync”.