Rewire Renoise Keeps On Poofing.


Might there be an easy method of pinpointing a reason for renoises Poofing whilst in ReWire mode?

I am experiencing lots of poofs, when making a song / scorewriting with Cubase 5.

I have seen Various differing error messages, about memory being low etc.

Renoise simply quits… And mainly this happens, when you actually “touch a parameter in renoise”.

Without opening Renoises window, poofing usually stops (->ie. when editing song in Cubase).

I haven’t checked the renoise error log yet, I was just wondering if there is one, and I’ll actually do a search now, will post more info in to this topic soon…

,no results in Renoise forum for the word “log” so I guess there is no error log?

if you receive warnings which say that memory is getting low, then probably your PC memory is getting low :)

this can easily result into sudden (hence no logs will be saved) and abnormal program terminations and audio hiccups (because the system must use the hard disk as program memory)

about viewing log file:

help => show the log file

Thanks, I’ll check the log…

Most forums, and I believe this one, do not let you search for words of 3 characters of fewer. Whether they warn you or just say zero results (you should have at least the one from your own post) depends on the forum software.

Renoise crashes for me when I use p(v)ocaloid(2) and after having entered a few notes then quickly playback without rendering. Using latest 2.6beta


All is sorted out now…

I had started a project on renoise, and had a duplicate VC window for my Virus TI open in Renoise, and the second in Cubase…

Closing the Virus TI VSTi in Renoise helped to solve the issue…