ReWire Replacement for MacOS?

Since ReWire is dead (and as such, not compatible with ARM based Macs) does anyone know of any plugins or other software that could route audio from and sync Renoise to other applications? I tried to get Jack working but from my understanding Renoise only supports Jack on Linux versions.

I’m looking to link up Renoise and Logic X.

It doesn’t work as well as ReWire, but you can try using a virtual audio driver and MIDI sync. You can configure Logic to send MIDI sync and clock, and configure Renoise to slave its transport to that. Then you can use the virtual audio output from Renoise, and the input to Logic.

You have two main options for virtual audio: BlackHole (free) or Loopback ($99, more flexible and stable but probably overkill).

Here are the manual entries for setting up the MIDI:

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Thanks a million. Been bummed about not being able to use ReWire and i’m so relieved to have some functional alternatives

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