Rewire Slave Behaviour - How To Change Pattern?

hi, I’m wondering, if I’ve got a 1 pattern track running in Renoise (ReWire Slave), and would like to switch the pattern to a second pattern (which I can do with the shortcut Pattern Editor:Pattern Sequence: Decrease Pattern Number) - what can I have the ReWire Master send to Renoise to cause this to happen via midi? :)

Doing this tiny Logic environment (one fader/button, one transformer to make the numbers conform (so that 0 from the button is 0 to Renoise and 1 from the button is 1 to Renoise :) ). This enables one to have Renoise play a 0 pattern track, yet you change to the corresponding pattern directly from Logic - so you can arrange a non-renoise-arranged track with direct pattern-change commands :)
Then of course mapping midimapping in Renoise so that CC#46 is patternchange in the orderlist, and making sure the slider/button is sending CC#46. Now working on the Hyper Editor etc control, I’m seeing 0-127 resolution and I just need 0-10