Rewire Slave To Ableton Live Skips First Line

When Renoise is slaved rewire to Ableton Live 8.2.8 (Win7 Pro 32 bit), it skips playing ONLY the first line in Renoise, when transport is at 1.1.1 in Live and playback is pressed in either host. Renoise F9 key to get to beginning of pattern and then play from Renoise, exhibits the same behavior. Messing with the sync types in Audio options, makes no difference either.

Only the first line is skipped. And when the pattern cycles, it plays the first line the second time through.

This will happen when there is some plugin latency to compensate and PDC is enabled. Disabling PDC in Renoise or disabling the “Automatically compensate latencies” option in Renoise’s audio preferences will fix that. Unfortunately there is no proper way to deal with latency/PDC via ReWire, so there is nothing more we can do here.

This only happens on the very first line, because Renoise can’t seek the ReWire master to negative time positions, can’t preroll it properly then. You could also add a dummy pattern at the beginning to work around this if disabling PDC is not option for you.

Could you please verify this, so we are sure it’s not a different problem?

Thanks for your speedy response on this Taktik. Is this in the manual? If so I didn’t read that part yet :)

This was definitely the issue. Just as you said.

When I use only samples, and no plug-ins or only ones that do not introduce any latency, it works as you say when that box is ticked. When I insert any plug that has latency, the first line is skipped. I’m guessing that if I had sufficient latency compensated for, it could span more than one line? For example a IR plug-in that added 1000 ms or something and a tempo and LPB that had more than 1 line in the span of 1 second of time?

I really don’t care about using latency plug’s in a non-destructive way in Renoise when it’s rewired into Ableton in this way. It’s mainly the samples and XRNI’s I was going for and internal DSPs, but if I want to use any plug-ins that DO introduce a delay, I will simply render to sample and move on.

If this is the same when slaving Renoise via rewire into any other rewire host, and using a plugin that generates latency, perhaps trapping the event when a plugin is added that generates latency could show a message saying something about it? Then a check box on this warning dialog saying Don’t show this again? I don’t know, manual is probably enough, but FTR this was the first time since coming back to 2.8.x that I had a real problem which is speaks volumes about the stability of the software. Every other situation or known condition I’ve been sort of protected from by the forethought and attention to detail and TLC you guys have put into Renoise.

edit This is a flaw of the rewire spec? They didn’t account for plug-ins that generate latency?

Well, it’s a bad combination of how Renoise deals with PDC and the ReWire specs. Can’t really blame Propellerheads for that but we can also not easily “fix” that.
We’ll try to document this bit better…

Renoise 3.01

Doesnt read first line in Renoise.

Could be problem with Tracktion because some plugins behave similar. First note of the track sounds different than others.

Bump this again…
Tracktion skips first line in renoise
doesnt skip first line in phrase

edit: doesnt skip first line when in sync mod BPM and bar sync but it is almost unusuable because R3 timeline is not synced with tracktion.

No help? What about other daws?