Rewire Slave To Studio One

Hi everyone.

I’m sure this has been covered a hundred times before, so I apologise becaue even after extensive searching I can’t find a solution or work out what I’m doing wrong.

What I want to be able to do is use Studio one (32 bit) as Rewire master, then Renoise 2.8 (32 bit) as slave and be able to record the audio output from Renoise into Studio One. I can get S1 to load as master and Renoise as slave (open both with administrator prioveliges on win7) but I simply cannot wirk ut how to pipe the audio from one to the other. The master output would be good, individual channels of output would be fantastic.

In fact, I can’t get any sound from Renoise into Studio One at all!!

I can’t select Renoise as an instrument ouput with an instrument track in Studio One and I can’t get an audio track to let me have input from anything other than my hardware inputs on my in-built soundcard.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit, Studio One v2 32 bit and Renoise 2.8 b5 32 bit. the 32 bit choice is to do with plugins and my modest computer, I’ll never need all the extra RAM access capability and I have mostly 32 bit plugins.

I would really appreciate your help, I love using Renoise to make loops, mash up sampels etc as that is what it is good at, but I want to arrange and finish in S1, and I figure there must be a lot of other people trying to do the same, hopefully with more success than me!!

p.s. this is a great community, on many others I would post this expecting to get ridiculed but I know that won’t happen here.

Which version of Studio One do you have?
I have downloaded Studio one V2 demo, if you select Renoise ReWire in the instruments list under the ReWire section and drag it to the tracks area, it will create a track and suggest you to open Renoise. (Be sure Renoise has not been opened before you open Studio One though!)
There you can select which audio busses you want to use, they correspond to the busses that you can set underneath each track in Renoise.

Yep that’s the one, I should have realised all along, thanks a lot.

The annoying thing is that Studio One is lacking a very basic bit of functionality which is recording plugin/track/bus output into audio tracks, so I don’t think I can just record my loops straight into the timeline in S1.

Presonus have done a fantasticjob with the general workflow and interface design with S1, but it’s got some glaring ommissions too!!

I was going to jam with looping patterns, FX, my nocturn controller and record straight into S1 for arrangement but I can’t!!


In the audio preferences of Renoise (If it has been started as ReWire Slave!) you can set the Full Transport sync option to BPM & Bars sync, this should allow you to loop a pattern endlessly. I don’t know to what extent you wanted to use Renoise in this case.Or is the problem related to recording the audio?

Thanks for the tip but it’s the audio recording.

Basically, Studio One can only record audio “live” from physical hardware inputs, not from the output of plugins, rewire, busses etc. That is to say that my multiple rewire channels from Renoise are created as mixer channels, but there is not a corresponding audio track for each mixer channel and it’s not possible to create them in that way.

It’s pretty hefty oversight for what is supposed to be a “pro” DAW but it has been brought up by a lot of users so it may get sorted sooner or later.

You can add a new instrument in the song options (Song → Song setup → [Options] button lower left then external devices) and setup a midi routing to output to a virtual midi cable like LoopBE or Copperlan and use that as extra Midi in device for Renoise.
You can connect this midi port to each instrument that you want to control in Renoise.Then in Studio One add a track containing the midi out instrument and set the channel where the specific instruments are listening to, you can this way record midi notes that are casted to Renoise and Renoise in its turn casts back the audio through ReWire.

After that export a mixdown of all your tracks where you have linked your instruments to (In the Midi in panel of each instrument on the bottomleft, you have to unfold it). However i noticed a bug where Renoise is no longer responding after mixdown rendering. Don’t know if this is a Renoise problem or a Studio One problem, i have seen a different bug report somewhere, try to replicate and post additional info.

in s1 you render the rewire stems/tracks/channels then import back into studio (check the option for that) (it wont record with the record button, you need to lookup how stem rendering works in s1)

Thanks for the help, but I’m already aware of stem rendering and that’s not what I’m after. I want to be able to record what I’m doing live to audio tracks by routing rewire channels (in this case, although the output of other instrument channels/busses etc is also desirable) to audio tracks so I can record my performance “live” into the audio tracks.

It’s a very stranmge ommission and in the world of software like this where things can be freely routed around, bussed to groups or sends etc there’s really no good reason at all that this isn’t possible. I’m not just moaning indiscriminately, I know enough as a software developer and the employee of a major plug-in developer to know that this is not an issue of software development complexity, it’s an issue of fitting the functionality into the existing workflow of the software.

I wouldn’t encourage a quick hack by any DAW developer!! But I would ask that this be incorporated at some point in a sensible way, because in the realm of digital audio this is not a difficult task, just one that needs to be carefully handled.

One thing this would give us is the ability to play with old-school “cut and paste” techniques in a quick and easy way, and for a lot of todays electronic genres this is very desirable. Having to render stems and re-import every time is certainly a solution, but it’s not an intuitive one. Being able to, for example, bus a bunch of synths, bass and drums and then easily record this live into a new track to then cut+paste would be great fun and very creative.

Well that’s up to the Presonus team to implement unfortunately. At least it is not entirely possible to render your audio through ReWire, but bouncing it to a track, yes this doesn’t seem supported.
What i also find strange is that you can click on the properties icon in any type of instrument in the track area to get the properties dialog up front, except a ReWire instrument which you really have to pop up its properties from the console area.