Rewire Studio One Pro As Rewire Slave?

i just tried checking again

if i open renoise 2.7 and check under rewire device studio one pro 1.6.3 doesent show up

i have no problem rewirering renoise to studio one pro as a slave though???

Are you 100% sure that Studio One can act as a ReWire slave in the first place? There are plenty of DAWs that can act as a ReWire master, but it seems that very few of them actually support being slaved to another DAW.

I just looked on the Presonus forums, and there are a number of posts saying that Studio One cannot act as a ReWire slave.

For example:

yes did some searching after i made the topic,and looks like Dblue is right

Lazy mother##### at Presonus :P

its actually alright as i use S1 as my mixing and mastering enviroment :D