ReWire to Reason issue...

Hello all.

I noticed a problem while working on a project where I have Reason 6.0.2 rewired into Renoise 2.8.1.

I’m using the PC keyboard for entering notes, and I notice that Renoise records the notes +2 octaves over what gets sent to Reason.

I also noticed that when using a virtual keyboard (called virtual midi controller le), that if I switch between that & the Renoise PC keyboard, that the key mapping is off again.

For example, if the Renoise keyboard is set so that Q = C1, and I switch to VMC LE, and press C3, it gets recorded as C1, however, the sound being played in the Reason device is C3.

I’m not sure if there are already known issues on this, so if not, let me know and I’ll write out a bug report.

It is an offset difference between the two devices (receiver and sender) and might be because one of the parties has a lower octave range limit than the other party.
Midi allows up to 10 octave ranges. Renoise supports all 10 (well supports up to 120 notes, there might be 7 unsupported, but i’m not sure here). But not all Midi devices or DAW’s support up to 10 octaves.
If they don’t, they usually settle a default range that is most plausible and leave out the extreme high and extreme low octaves but usually this is what can cause the octave offset difference.
In a midi data collector tool (perhaps MidiOx) you can trace what the lowest and highest note is that your device or software supports.