Rewire with Cubase - Transport not quite right

When I use Reaper x64 with Renoise x64 via Rewire, I can happily loop some patterns in Renoise and jam/record audio with Reaper. When I start playback, it starts exactly where I expect it should with Renoise.

However, when I use Cubase 5 (x86) with Renoise x86, playback always starts in the pattern before the one marked as the first in the loop in Renoise. It’s like it jumps a couple of lines back to the previous sequence each time.

What causes this? Is there anything I can tweak to fix this?

At the moment I’m having to record in Reaper and then work on my audio in Cubase afterwards.

On top of this, if I have a tune with 64 lines per pattern, when I move from pattern to pattern in Renoise, Cubase doesn’t move equal bar numbers. Even though the tempos in Renoise and Cubase are both 78BPM, Cubase tracks about 1.20 bars per Renoise pattern.






How do I get them in sync?

The reason the Cubase bars and Renoise patterns weren’t lining up was because I’d changed the LPB setting.

For 4/4 timing, this needs to be left at 16 (when standard 64 line patterns are used).


This still doesn’t explain why Renoise jumps back to the previous pattern when playback started.

Cubase 8 works fantastically with Renoise x64! No jumping back - upgrading Cubase to an x64 version was the best move I’ve made.