Rewire with Reason as slave question

So I just started using Reason as a slave in Renoise, and came across a problem. Basically I have three tracks rewired to Reason, all for different synths. I put a delay on one through Renoise, but it applies to all. I just wanted the delay on the one specific instrument. I don’t think this is anything within Reason that I have to change. I must be missing something in Renoise. Hopefully this makes sense haha.

How are the audio outputs in Reason routed? How did you routed your tracks to Renoise? I assume you have a separate ReWire device in a separate Renoise track in which you have selected the individual instruments?

I have 3 separate tracks with a ReWire device in each of them. All 3 of the ReWire devcices are assigned to different synths in Reason. I chose the Reason instrument the device was assigned to by going to the Midi tab, and finding the Reason synth under the output device. Should I be doing this differently? And finally, the second track is the only one I have with effects (from renoise) on it. The effects apply to every track. If I disable the effects on the second instrument, it becomes disabled for the other two. I’ll attach a screen shot of each instrument, and the mixer for you to get a clearer understanding. Sorry about how the screen shots turned out haha. From top to bottom it’s track 1, 2, and then 3.

You need to take care that you use separated channel pairs for output in Reason and then select each distinctive output set in each Rewire Device in Renoise.
Renoise is applying the effect on the same audio pair in your case, so logically (or Reasonably in your case) all effects are applied to all instruments that are piped through the same pair.
If you set each track or instrument in reason to its own output channel pair, the problem should be gone because Renoise will be processing each output set individually.
You might have to manually adjust and add new output pairs in Reason to be able to accomplish that, however, i don’t know this myself how to do this in Reason (as i don’t own it), i’m sure some other Reason user here can help out.

Below screenshot is an example of the audio-channel sets that Reaper offers to Renoise.

Awesome got everything situated! Thanks so much for the help!