Rewire with Reason to use Piano Roll

Hi. Today i try to rewire with Reason. It works great.

But i want to use a vst inside renoise but work with the Piano Roll in Reason to send the midi from Piano Roll to a vst in renoise. Is it possible?

If Reason is the Rewire master, yes.
If Renoise is the Rewire master, it depends if Reason supports sending MIDI out when in slave mode.

You’d have to set the midi input in the midi tab to use a virtual midi bus. Renoise doesn’t support incoming midi over rewire bus.

Read the bottom this section from the manual

If you just need a piano roll inside Renoise IL Minihost Modular has one.


Oh reason cant send midi out. Is it possible with reaper as a slave?

Thx, ive try it. Works awesome as a plugin.
I have Routing it in the plugin section to an vst (in renoise, not in minihost modular. Type c4 in the track and can now use the piano roll. This will Help me a Lot to create some nice melodies


A short update: this one ist a little bit buggy and freezes whole renoise away