You know about the connection program ReWire? It’s made to link other programs with Reason -> Proppellerheads homesite. Companies are free to create a link to Reason with this ReWire program. It would be VERY nice to connect Renoise with Reason! I don’t like the sequencer in Reason and I know many people agree with me in that opinion. Renoise supports VSTi - Reason don’t is one more reason to develop this. There are many filetypes that ONLY Reason supports too, so if this ReWire is created, it means that all the softsynths in Reason can be plugged to Renoise. That makes it ultimate imo.

Whaddaya say?

Yes, they know about rewire. Taktik has written in the past that implementing master would be easy, slave very hard.

I’d also like to request rewire master functionality in Renoise, please - Renoise’s envelopes are much more powerful than Reason’s, and being able to use them directly on Reason’s instruments would be off the hook…

Simply being able to pipe Renoise’s audio streams directly into Cubase SX (or other ReWire host) would be an awesome feature.

Definitely. I’d buy the program again for it. With so many wonderful programs using it these days (Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Live), ReWire is fast becoming a real standard.

ReWire (Renoise as ReWire master) is indeed a planned feature. We just wait to propellerheads agreement to start implementing it.

Talking about resurrection of old threads… :D
I guess they said no? ^_^

good news))
but i will vote for arranger and vst freezing)

good olds!

news for me))) because i was out of all news)) 2-3 monthes)))

Notice that taktik’s post was from Oct 2 2003. :)

I think ReWire didn’t pass the vote back then because it was divided between Renoise as master and Renoise as slave. Together there were about 700 votes, which would rank it 3rd or 2nd! so I guess there’s a public demand after all. :w00t:

sorry guys))))

No, they said yes (of course), so that is no longer a valid excuse.

Yeah i know because i figured out from them you already had a dev-account there :P .
(I was attempting to lobby for your access)

But I’m reading tons of mumbo jumbo in posts from the past year and even very recently saying mostly that ReWire won’t be supported due to licensing problems.
If I understand correctly, the real reason is lack of demand?
Is it difficult to implement?

Hi Bantai,

Since ReWire is fairly low on the agenda, would you mind having a look at a bug I’ve encountered using Renoise with the ReaRoute feature in Reaper?

It’s basically a method of transferring audio between hosts using the ASIO driver. When I tried to use it with Renoise 1.9b3 the audio was all choppy and unusable. It sounded like Renoise wasn’t getting any clock sync.

If this could be made to work with Renoise it would be a great way to export audio until ReWire gets implemented.




I just have to comment on this, because there are more issues involved here.

To be more specific, there seems to be a lack of strong demand for ReWire (relative to other demands for Renoise features) within the Renoise community. Of course, that’s an unfortunate fact to accept for all of us who would prefer to utilize the powers of Fruity Loops, Reason, ACID etc and slave those to our favorite tracker (i.e. Renoise acting as ReWire master).

However, and this is important to remember, there aren’t just the Renoise community that makes Renoise users (and customers). There are also potential and future users out there. We don’t know exactly how many. But they are most likely already using other musical software, have collected their favorite VST’s and DX-plugs and are basically just looking for a composing workflow that is fast, easy and fun. Here, the tracker concept shows up as an attractive candidate. Just imagine what happens when such user tries out Renoise and discovers that it’s very complicated and time-consuming to export the notation data to .mid-files, or to make a perfect sync bridge to his other softwares.

Well, such try-and-evaluate user won’t stay a user for long. In fact, as a salesman/marketing pro of musical software, I have witnessed firsthand several serious producers who at first are curious about Renoise, only to conclude that it’s not “professional enough”. Why? Because of the “communication problem”, the “closed doors”, the non-existing bridges to other software, as they see it. “What? No MIDI export…? Not even ReWire? Forget it!” – that’s the common reaction.

Personally, I’m getting quite tired of all this. It’s hard to volonteer as a salesman for Renoise, when the product simply isn’t possible to sell. When Renoise 1.8 came out, I had the opportunity to cover it in Sweden’s largest music magazine, selling it to many readers. But this never happened, because I (and others) found that the tracker concept wasn’t strong enough; what really counts here is the tracker concept as integrated with already established DAW solutions.

And that’s where either midi-export or ReWire enter the picture. Either of them would attract many new users, both of them would make Renoise a professional DAW that, with proper marketing, could steal the customers of big names in the industry. It’s so sad to see that a majority of established Renoise users insist on having the software as a self-contained, isolated island, adding stuff into it that commercial 3rd party solutions handle much better.

I’m with you Transcender, the Renoise user community is so dumb, why does Tiktak even listen to them?

I certainly don’t agree with you about the current Renoise user community being “dumb”. And that taktik carefully listens to the users of his software is of course very nice.

What I am saying is this: the main reason the current userbase (at least the overall majority here) don’t value MIDI export and ReWire – stuff that’s essential for every other DAW on the market – is because they take an “let’s-cram-everything-into-one-software-approach”.

It’s not like the current userbase will flee from the tracker if ReWire is implemented. The only thing that’s going to happen is that a lot more users will integrate their current DAW with Renoise. I am confident enough to say, based on my own interaction with customers, that I could start selling Renoise in stores today if only industry standard means of communication with other professional software was implemented.

I have given many demonstrations of Renoise to music producers over the years. I know what I’m speaking of here. So yes, I do feel very emotional about this, because of the principle involved: an excellent piece of software that doesn’t get the worldwide attention it deserves!