Is it possible to have Renoise slave to Cubase via ReWire?

(MadTracker does this)

this feature is not yet implemented.

It’s likely to be part of the next users-poll for next version.

The poll (available to registered users only) will be published in a few

I really think this would be a good feature - actually Skale Tracker does this but I’d really rather use ReNoise :)

This was discussed MILLION times here in a forum.
topics about rewire

A million and 1 now then.

It’s the only thing stopping me from integrating ReNoise into our studios here.

It needs to slave to the host transport, send audio and behave itself during mixdown … then it’ll be right here as part of our daily workflow and it’ll get seen and used by a lot of talent.

An even better scenario would be that ReNoise was integrated as a VSTi (like Skale) and therefore would be saved with the host session for instant recall without any hassles.