yes it would be nice if one could hook up Renoise with one’s favorite sequencer using ReWire. Possibilites would be infinite ranging from mixed projects to simply have a mixing console …

Thank you for your attention,

Rewire support is planned for the future release!!! :)

to be precise, ReWire support has been selected as one of the features which registered users can vote for.

If it will pass the first selection, it will take part to next turn of voting.

So, in the end, the only way you can promote your desire now is by registering :rolleyes:

Wow, that sounds like fun. Funny, I tried to register earlier this year but Paypal simply returned the money to my account. Seems now is the time to try it again. B)


I wanted to suggest something similar, but it’s cool that I am not the only one looking for ReWire support. It would be really great to use, say, Propellerheads’ Reason 3 as a (very huge) sound source and route the synths and channels into Renoise. Sure, you can use Reason as your sequencer, but I grew tired of that somewhere along the ride and want to get back to trackers.

(I just registered after discovering Renoise recently, so hello to everyone! Will post a longer hello in the off-topic forum later)

Guess now I also got to register for the full version so I can vote for Rewire. :lol:

Well, I have said it before and I’ll say it again:

There are only two features that I would put on a wish-list for a future version of Renoise. Either one of them would be worth killing a pink rabbit for:

  1. ReWire support

  2. MIDI Export of notation (i.e. save tracks, patterns or song to a .mid-file for import into Reason, Cubase or whatever).

But, IMO, ReWire support would actually be THE feature that blasted all other trackers miles away forever.

Rewire support will be a very nice addition to renoise. I’m quite sure it will be implemented in 1.6

ReWire is a free technology, however developers must apply for a license (via Propellerhead Software). Quote:

I don’t know if this may be the reason why the Renoise developers haven’t yet implemented ReWire in the tracker – is Renoise really a registered company?

nope. I don’t think so. But they could create a ltd. or something. Btw: Renoise is known by many people (even at Propellerheads), so we can hope :)

since “Renoise as ReWire Slave” and “Renoise as ReWire Master” are two of the features for which registered users can vote, you may understand that there is no problem to implement it: it’s just a matter to count how many people do really need this feature, and if there is any other feature which is more requested

i need rewire too, please

i can’t do all my music only on renoise, so i need use renoise as rewire client on cubase sx

Any idea about the chance of Rewire based on registered users’ votes? I like the look and feel of Renoise, but I don’t use it too much at the moment since it’s a pain in the… well, to get the samples I have worked on in Reason into Renoise.

Now the current features for the registered version are not too useful for me except for free updates, but I could simply register as soon as a version with Rewire support gets released. So, when I am gonna spend my hard earned cash on Renoise, how good are chances that I actually get Rewire support in one of the next versions?

I would love to see a fixed to-do list rather than a “Hey, if you register, you can vote for a feature that might or might not be part of one of the future versions. Until then, we will spend your cash on crack and hookers! Muhahahaha!” ;)

[edit] I don’t want to switch to MadTracker, even though it has Rewire support, because ( a ) it’s PC only at the moment, and ( b ) it looks ugly. :ph34r:

votes have already been published:

A Mixer view
(712 Credits)

An Arranger view (visually arrange PatternSequences and Blocks)
(655 Credits)

Audio recording in the SampleEditor
(645 Credits)

Sub-tick timing
(587 Credits)

Improved Instrument (RNI) structure
(571 Credits)

A Better and bigger disk browser
(548 Credits)

More Modulation Meta Devices
(542 Credits)

More (and more complex) MIDI mappings
(479 Credits)

A Renoise VST plug
(423 Credits)

A Piano Roll view
(414 Credits)

Renoise as ReWire Slave
(370 Credits)

DirectX Plugins support [Windows]
(338 Credits)

Renoise as ReWire Master
(332 Credits)

Audio-Units support [Mac]
(198 Credits)

That pretty much seems to rule out ReWire support at the moment I guess… :(

not if you live in USA or Italy :)

:blink: ???

Haha, I wish I would have voted more for the rewire-option too. Now I really want it (and want Renoise to be the master). Problem is that there were two rewire-options to vote for, so it might have added to the confusion.

Too bad the Propps have released ReBirth for free a month late… ReWire would get my votes if they did that before the voting.

Yeah, I knew you would regret not-voting for ReWire… B)

I wish I did a “pre-elections” topic, describing all the benefits of ReWire (more jobs, better healthcare…).

Sort of, yeah. So give us Rewire! :drummer: