Rex File Format Support

IT would be cool if renoise were able to import these. like, if you load it as a sample, the broken up parts would be rendered like a renoise drumset. even just that much functionality would be cool. also, if you were to drag a rex file from the browser onto the pattern editor, it would lay out the notes so that they sync up and sound natural with the tempo, so you wouldnt have to do it sample by sample

Hmm… I wonder if Propellarheads would allow this, or if they like to keep REX file support limited to Reason. I know REX files load in Kontakt as well but I haven’t used them in ages. Not sure how well it worked. Would be nice for sure. There’s a lot of disks out there with these files and to have them slice into a drum kit would be nice. Of course it’s not essential since we can slice manually and just copy the slice into another sample slot making our own kits. Still… Not a bad idea.

afaik .rex files can be used in cubase, ableton, logic, reason & recycle obvs - kontakt and most other samples - pretty sure sonar will load them as well - would be a really good thing if renoise could use them too…

…loading them as a drumkit would be my preference also.

One way to access REX files now in Renoise would be to use Stylus RMX, right?

This is not the most stable plug-in and it uses a ton of CPU power.

Does Propellerhead charge a lot of money to license the .rex format into another app or do they make it difficult to do so? I hope not.

In all probability, the number of people who request .rex for Renoise would probably determine likelihood of .rex compatibility in future versions.

No, there are no costs involved:

[url=""]Propellerhead Software[/url] will issue licenses to companies in the audio or music industry interested in creating commercial REX applications. There are no costs involved.  

Rex is a proprietary file format that is not as common supported as MIDI, i aim towards support in the hardware world.

Some applications use the MIDI protocol a similar way REX is being used (like Addictive Drums).
I have no clue what extra’s VST3 has involved that would allow dragging and dropping of device specific parameter configurations.
I think that the most important upgrade before any of these extra protocols should be supported, is also to change the instrument handling first.
If these formats would be supported with the current instrument standard, it would be a lot more work to change the REX standard and VST3 implementation support.
Also a lot of routing methods can be improved or extended and once done, then considering implementation of opportunities like these come in sight.

what does rex support have to do with vst3?

I was just trying to form a link considering the way note-specific parameters are handled.
Each system has it’s own, MIDI has CC, VST use parameters and Rex have their own group of parameters.
If all of that has to be supported in the future, might as well consider a sort of interface to make all of these communicate with eachother, hence “routing improvements”

Somewhat offtopic, but propably helpful:

Get Shortcircuit

AFAIK only freeware sampler that support REX.