Rex File

Support for rex files.

That’s pretty much to the point! Would be nice though.

I know. Not much else you can say really :D.

Since you can’t edit sliced samples so they can be cleaned up on Renoise. Anyone who has Recycle or a collection of Rex files can you that instead

You can edit sliced samples…in sample editor, right click -> slices -> destructively render slices. Now each slice is its own sample that you can edit as you wish.

With rex files, you can export each slice individually. It amounts to the same thing as destructively render slices, only it’s rendering a new sample for each slice of the rex file.

Maybe he means setting up different envelopes per slice, instead of the global envelopes we have now?

Perhaps! That would be cool. I’m not sure how to do it yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some way to do it after all…

But if the issue is simply “cleaning up”, as in removing pops at the beginning / end of slices, then you can achieve that by destructively rendering slices and then using the sample editor on each slice.

There is a tool for this. (rex 1, rex 2 is protected somehow, encrypted?)

If manually adding slices to a sample, use ‘0 crossing’ as snap setting in the sample editor, this will place slice-markers at 0 phase.

  • have you heard of the ‘autofade’ option in the instrument settings, sample tab? Enable this to have the attack of slices automatically smoothed. Unfortunately you can’t set the amount of ms of smoothing. As last resort, you could set-up a volume envelope with wished attack setting in the instrument envelopes.

In my opinion this autofade, although it can create cool fx on it, doesn’t really work well with e.g. sliced kickdrum. But when I slice a break up I’m most of the time quick to copy to new instrument to make adjustments anyway. And for transpose by key!

0 crossing snap is a great tip indeed!

Yeah i was informed the other day about destructively render slices. Ive only had Renoise for 2 weeks now. Should really do my homework before posting on here. Thanks for the info on rex files