Rex Files

I was wondering, how do you use rex (recycle) files in renoise, I saw it in a tutorial somebody made, but he was using Logic and he opened the rex files with “exs24” which I don´t have…

The short answer is that you don’t without using a third party plug-in like NI Battery or Kontakt to load them. You either load an unchopped WAV / AIFF sample into the sampled editor and use the sample offset (09xx) pattern commands to achieve similar results or you manually copy/cut and past to new sample slots - both methods are quick and easy - check out the beat-slicing tutorial in the demo song folder.

I sold my copy of ReCycle! and Reason as soon as I bought a registered copy of Renoise, although it’s not ultra precise marker wise just yet, but hopefully that will be resolved soon, it’s a frequent development suggestion / request on this forum.

Thanks for the reply! I figured the 09xx thing out already, but well it is a bit more work ^^ But i´ll do this!