Rhino 2 For $20

Hey Peoples,

Just a heads up:

Rhino 2 VST for $20 - http://www.audiomidi.com/Rhino-Synth-No-Brainer-P17086C0.aspx

It’s basically an 6 OSC Fm Synth. You also get shit loads of presets. The shear amount of presets at your disposal (something like 1000) makes it worth $20 alone.

I wrote something quickly in Renoise after I bought it:
http://mickrippon.com/mp3/mickrippon_ryno.play … everything is Rhino except for the percussion. There’s no effects applied; the channel effects are empty. All Rhino.

Mick :)

Thanks for heads up and nice demo tune!

will demo rhino to see what I think.

I don’t like the filters in rhino …yikes

it’s a splendid offer, got it yesterday. very nice synth

It’s about time I bought a synth. done.

renoise-warning, this synth does not save presets. you will lose them as you re-load the song tthat uses rhino. so remember to save your presets in rhino before you save the song in renoise and quit renoise.

well that’s mighty annoying. wonder what it is that’s missing in the code to let it save normally.

any idea how init the current patch?

theres a hotfix for rhino 2.10 on their site
Rhino 2.10 hotfix Hotfix for Rhino 2.10 (including the AudioMIDI edition). This patch is for all platforms (including Mac) and addresses lost settings when loading back projects.
Replace the Rhino .dll, .vst or .component files with the ones included in this zip.

thanks esa. that fixed it for me.
the synth has a pretty cool analog sound and the fm possibilities seem very powerful.
can’t figure out syncing lfo’s.

warning: don’t click serial in the fx screen without turning your speakers way down.

I bought this one too and had a little play with it last night. So lovely patches in there I could have started composing with straight away, especially some of the rhodes and wurly patches. I found that some of the classic FM patches gave FM8 a run for it’s money.

its the fastest synth i now have in my arsenal for getting some completely new sounds (for me). it replaces my Korg 03R/W completely. and many other things. i’m actually pretty shocked at the price!