Rhizome as Renoise Controller / Host

I’ve got a Rhizome (see feeltune.com if you don’t know what it is) and I’m not mad about the software in it, but I love the thing itself: a big screen with loads of knobs and buttons all over it. When I got it I sort of hoped it would be renoise in a box. It certainly isn’t. But I got to thinking, it’s just a big screen really. You can drag Renoise into it and it looks great. If I could write a script so that renoise was moved about a bit, and each part of it appeared in a different part of the exposed Rhizome screen, and so that everything was spaced out to marry up with its knobs, it could seriously be the ultimate Renoise controller. It doesn’t actually function as a normal MIDI controller, but I’m determined there must be a way to make it work… I have previous programming experience, but not with Lua, but it looks pretty standard.

So my question is: can Lua be used to change the actual interface of Renoise itself? From what I’ve read and seen of the tools so far, I guess the answer is no. But can you think of a way around that?

Also, Rhizome uses Copperlan for its internal communications I believe - anyone had any luck with that?

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You can’t change the interface of Renoise itself, you can create your own tool GUI interfaces and attempt to build one that you can embed on your Rhizome, but don’t know exactly what you want to control.
For most sliders and knobs you can, but there are also parts in Renoise not available for manipulation through Lua.

Copperlan is a generic virtual midi cable, which includes Midi over IP.
I don’t know what platform Rhizome is on?

Holy shit.
I could build the perfect Renoise controller out of that. :D

Maybe not so idea for step sequencing but were you not tempted to go with a Liontracs workstation? Which already has Renoise installed! ;)


I hadn’t considered the Lionstracs, as I’d never heard of it. Now I have and I’m curious, but it looks expensive and a bit daft.

The Rhizome does look like it would make the best Renoise controller, but it’s got some major stumbling blocks, the major one being that it’s not actually a MIDI controller. It seems to run on Copperlan, and even though it can send and receive MIDI, it doesn’t do this without the host software being loaded. And even when it is loaded, only some knobs, under certain situations, will send MIDI. Feeltune seem to be a very defensive company, and have released almost no information about it technically, so it’s like this tantalising black box. You expect it to behave in a certain way and it doesn’t. Seems like a really bad move to me, as it renders users helpless, waiting on the next update or scrap of information like pitiful dogs. So I’m reduced to just poking it in various different configurations to see if I can trick it into sending out messages that I can intercept, but it’s pretty inscrutable.

In terms of Renoise, it would fit into those screen just perfectly, if I could stretch the top pane and squeeze the lower pane, or swap them around… but I guess that’s not on the cards. So I was thinking about creating a sort of dummy interface for Renoise that fitted into those windows, that was really just mirroring the regular functionality. It’s idle speculation…