Rhowaldt'S Uploaded Music

i figured, instead of creating a new topic everytime i upload a song to SoundCloud, i just create my own topic that i’ll update. keeps the amount of topics a bit down. (don’t know if this is a new idea, first time posting one of my songs here - outside of compo)

i don’t have much to add to this one. to be honest, i cannot remember what exactly is going on and stuff, and am too lazy to go open Renoise and check it out. exported it a while ago. none of my stuff is really mastered or anything, keep that in mind when listening. i hope somebody enjoys this.


I personally think one thread per track, or release when EP/LP, is better than updating a single thread each time a new track is uploaded. Helps keep feedback localised to the tune in question, if people want to find more of your music they’ll ask (or easy enough if using something like Soundcloud)and it stops complaints if early tracks are no longer on line when people try and download from a post over a year old (for eg.)

Downloading your three tracks now. Only have CX300 earphones on me today though…

they have been created on with earphones as monitors, so this will suit the music i suppose :)

This music is comparable to an Elephant painting a picture.

i’ll take that as a compliment, thank you. :slight_smile: