Riftris - Tetris clone made in Unreal Engine 4

(Achenar) #1

Dunno how much interest people will have here, but I’ve been learning Unreal Engine 4 and to get started I decided to recreate Tetris in the Blueprints system. The game went through several revisions as I kept learning more over time, eventually settling on this version.

If a VR headset is connected, the game’s executable will detect it and automatically use it as the display.

The project files are available for download, so feel free to grab them, have a look at how it all works, change things and maybe improve upon them. I also made a ‘quick’ 22 minute video guide. Hopefully people like myself who are starting out will find something useful here.

Project Files: http://duncanhemingway.com/downloads/6-Riftris-files.zip
Game .exe - Win64: http://duncanhemingway.com/downloads/6-Riftris.zip

Riftris-tn.png Riftris-end3-tn.png Riftris-end5-tn.png

(dblue) #2


I’ve had the UE4 kit installed for a while now, but I still haven’t dug very deeply into it yet.

I always enjoy watching a good video on the subject — especially one that’s well organised and presented sooo nicely, damn! :dribble:

Thanks for uploading!

(Achenar) #3

I also used this as an opportunity to learn Bootstrap and create a small websitefor the project.

(dblue) #4


(Achenar) #5

OK, here’s the first update, with a couple of bug fixes and a bunch of changes that came about from rescaling everything. I also cleared the garbage from the Project Files, making them much smaller.

(Achenar) #6

So here’s version 1.2, which I wasn’t even going to do, but Unreal Engine 4.11 was a huge update, including support for Oculus Runtime 1.3. I’ve also added a Next Block indicator and the ability to control the randomness of picking new block types.

(Achenar) #7

Hey, I’ve got a Vive now, so I thought I’d update this project to support both it and the motion controllers. In addition, you can now rotate the sun and fly around in any direction.

(Achenar) #8

I want to use this project as a base for future work, so I’ve decided to add options that are expected from real games. This led to the creation of this update’s main feature: the modular menu system. To help with development I’ve also created a Trello board.

(Achenar) #9

This update is titled, ‘More Of Everything’ due to both its sheer size – more than twice as much content as all of the others combined – and the fact that it enhances and extends everything: audio, graphics, controls, code, VR and menus.

(Achenar) #10

This is the final update before taking the framework and building on it to work with music and Renoise. Though not as large as the last update, there’s still been a significant amount of additions and improvements.