Right Brain Vs Left Brain - What The Hell?

I can see him spinning both ways at the same time!

Too much acid, I think :D

If you see the spinner as a man, when it’s clearly a woman with breasts and a pony tail, then yes, maybe a bit too much acid :D

yeh its pretty simple to spot the movement change… I mean since its a silhouette of a fluid figure it could be going either way anyway…

Theres probably some psycology behind being told which way it was turning in the first place you know…
I wonder the effects if you just showed it to someone and asked them which direction it was turning, or if it was possible to tell.

But seriously, what are you doing reading that trash rag man?
daily telegraph is spreading its horrible tabloidism offshore now, the shame! THE SHAME!!


EDIT: oops! haha I had my gaming steering wheel set up when I opened that page (still there), and was slouching (still am :P), and it just happened to block the bottom of the page, interesting seeing the shadow… there is actually no logical human movement that can explain both the shadow and the silhouette simultaneously; one movement shows a sweep one direction, around from the right to the left, but then the shadow of the sweeping leg disappears - seemingly into the foreground from the subtle perspective of the thing - but then to complete the followup movement the person would have had to move the limb back through the same path, or further back, unless displacing the other foot or overbalancing, which appears to only move up and down. Look closely at the relationship between the shadow of the sweeping leg and the movements, and you’ll see that this is actually a subtle illusion, the only possible way for this is if the legs suddenly switched position; that the leg in the air suddenly becomes the leg facing the ground at the point where they both disapear behind the silhouette…which I guess is quite possible in animation, and easily disguised beneath a silhouette.

I think that’s exactly what’s happening. If you watch it closely, you’ll see the jump. It’s very subtle.



=D this is magnificient =D



Tip: I had earlier tested on a resolution of 1000x something and now the res are higher - not sure if this was the cause, but just mentioned incase it might help someone to achieve the results :)