Right Brain Vs Left Brain - What The Hell?

I must be having some kind of perceptual problem …


i have looked and looked at this thing, tried looking away, coming back an hour later, several times today… i still can’t see it any way other than clockwise

my left brain must be broken :?

i’m usually pretty OK at seeing things like this two ways, but this makes me a little worried

erm… Imo this test is quite bogus…

There is no info on why in the hell would anyone see this animation other than turning clockwise =)

And by the way… IMO Renoise is one of the best things that can develop both hemispheres simultaneosly (incase the mouse is not being used that often) This might be one of the reasons why tracking has allways felt so natural to anyone who tries it…

Anyways… still wondering abit about the test… wtf =) what is the info behind this that makes anyone think that seeing a woman turn clockwise would be bad if there is a video of a woman turnign clockwise =D

*puzzled :wacko: :wacko:

she’s turning to the LEFT and therefore anti-clockwise.
wonder how one could see this differently?

oh my god.
this is really the most remarkable stuff. after watching the animation for a longer period of time, she suddenly started turning clockwise!
i was focusing her hip when i noticed the rest of her body surprisedly started turning the other way around. strange and interesting stuff.
this whole direction twisting went back and forth a few times and whenever it happenes it gives you a really odd feeling.

i think the trick is to focus the thigh which stands (not that one that swings) in order to get the twist-turn.

Clockwise is the default for me. But I can switch any time I want…

i finally was able to see it counter clockwise!! but it took me a few minutes of covering up everything except the foot and concentrating really hard. now i can switch back and forth, providing i just focus on the foot

Hehe kewl! At first it turned only one way, then I focused on reading the text on the side, when it suddenly turned the other way.

hmmmmmm, which foot is that? the one in the middle or the one swinging? =) I’m trying hard but cannot make her turn any other than clockwise =D

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hmmmmmm, which foot is that? the one in the middle or the one swinging? =) I’m trying hard but cannot make her turn any other than clockwise =D

it took me a LONG time, trust me. i was looking at the foot in the middle, and i had to use my hand to cover up the rest of the body. actually i have to cover up half of the foot too. just look at the right side of it, and imagine the foot rotating away from you instead of towards you. then uncover the left side of the foot, and imagine it coming towards you instead of away from you. once you’ve got that, then uncover the whole thing and it should be going counter :)</0x000056285075d428>

Good illusion, but it doesn’t prove anything. The fact is, this test aside, the whole left/right brain theory is fundamentally flawed.

one thing to say is that I’m left handed and I definitely see the dancer rotating anti-clockwise. for me it’s almost impossible to see it clockwise.

could be related to be left or right-handed?

I am really defaulted to anti-clockwise, it took me many minutes to get her to spin clockwise.

There’s atlest two other ways to test this alleged left-right brain theory.

One is to hold your hands together as if you were praying and overlap your thumbs.
If left thumb is below the right thumb = your are left brainer
If right thumb is below the left thumb = your are right brainer

Fold your arms in front of you (like when you are sitting down bored)
If right arm is above left arm = you are left brainer
If left arm is above right arm = you are right brainer

The dancing lady says i’m left brain
My arms is always folding as left brained.
My thumbs are always praying with right brain.

That makes me a 2/3 leftie :)

But physically I feel I use my right brain more, it’s like there’s more constant activity over there, based on this feeling I would have guessed I am a 2/3 rightie.

I know BBC have made some studies on this subject, i’ll try find the link where you can test yourself. They use the thumb theory among a lot of other tests.
It is possible for scientists to measure our brain activity, I mean it must have some scientific proof to the theory or else I doubt BBC would have included it!?

some left hand research for you

here’s a little interesting reading about differences between left/right dominance in how it relates to going to school & studying



i can switch them. but it’s actually triggered by the words “LOGIC / BIG PICTURE” now. :)
insane stuff.

it s really easy to change your focus!!!

first i saw it clockwise and the i concentrate on the foot who moves the less and then you focus on the entiere body and it works!!!
it s really crasy!! how they did that???

I could only see it turn clockwise.
If im not using half my brain i might sell the rest to seti at home :)

My left brain has nothing right and my right brain has nothing left… :rolleyes:

thanks to Sonicade for finding an article that completely debunks this !


good reading

I saw it counter-clockwise at first, not being able to figure out how to get it to go the other way, and now I can only see it clockwise. I can’t get it to switch anymore. I can get the feet to switch, but that’s it.

I can see both. At first I definitely saw it clockwise. But I told my mind to switch gears and it did instantly. Neat test.

EDIT: Okay I found another critical point in which you can switch it instantly. Don’t try to switch it when the legs appear farthest apart. When the legs are superimposed, that’s when you can switch it easily.