Right cick menu not showing in screen recording with OBS

I am using OBS https://obsproject.com to screen record renoise, but for some reason it will not show the right click menu when i right click on something. I have tested this in other software and it shows when recorded, but not renoise for some reason. Has anyone had a similar problem or can suggest a work around?

From the obs forum

Window capture doesn’t capture anything except for the main window layer. Menu items are a separate layer that is displayed on top of the captured area.

If you need menu items, you’ll need to use display capture.

yeah not working. works with everything else. think it may have something to do with when you right click in renoise it acts like its not on top any more. If i could set renoise to ‘always on top’ it may fix it?

Hi @Abissus
I can recommend this software to capture video with Renoise, if you are interested (NCH Software: Debut Pro):

36,15€ (+VAT). Debut works great for capturing video / audio. I highly recommend it. It is ideal for capturing Renoise (or other software). You can assign the full screen or a frame, configure the video and audio codec, add subtitles. It is well thought out.

However, OBS should be able to capture “everything” that moves on the screen when setting up the full screen.

I really dont know i haven’t got experience with recording screen software but you can always try or use another software like Raul said.

I don’t have any personal experience with NCH products, but after you mentioned them I was a bit curious to learn more, so I did a quick search… Found this Reddit post (albeit from ~2 years ago) with some fairly negative and critical things to say about their software, their general practises, etc… Worth keeping in mind, I guess.

@dblue I don’t know the company’s practices at all (but it would be nice to do so).

But I can say that “Debut” software does what it promises (light program, simple and direct interface, configurable and works). At least the old version 5 (maybe he’s a few years old already). I guess there will be more versions.

If they do dirty practices with the updates, I don’t know. I would not like to recommend a program if the company in charge is not ethical.

In summary, if there is no problem with the company, I would recommend this software. If there are problems, there are always more alternatives, such as Bandicam (more expensive).

But now you will make me doubt all the companies :grinning:

thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried other software [flashback and vsdc] with the same results.

SOLVED!!! Yes. It was a renoise setting. I unchecked the ‘GUI effects and animations’ setting in The global section of the preferences and it picked up the menus. Weird, but fixed. Thanks for all your help anyways.

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