Right click Macro to control in Phrase editor

Does this feature not exist in Redux? Was hoping to be able to program the macro knobs in the phrase editor but I’m also very new and probably missing something?

No parameter nor macro can be controlled with phrase in either Renoise or Redux.

have seen lots of videos of people right clicking on macros and it enters the value in the tracker, maybe it’s in the pattern editor rather than ‘phrase’

Yes, phrases accept only note data and effect commands. You can control Macros in the instrument FX chains, but it’s a bit of a hack

What’s the hack?

You make a doofer in the mixer tab (does redux have a mixer? I’m guessing not…) that contains the instrument macros device, save it as a preset, then open the preset in the instrument fx chain. This allows modulation control via meta devices, so you can have internal modulation of any macro mappable parameter. Especially useful for controlling parameters in the modulation tab… There’s a lot that can be done with this method and it’s fundamental to advanced native sound design. You could check my first video out:

I can upload the doofer later, or you can find it on my gumroad if you can’t make it yourself

This is helpful, especially because I’m coming from Ableton so it makes sense to me… altho I can just do this in Ableton much easier cause the macro knobs are already mapped to Ableton by default which is great. thanks so much. It seems like I might just need to upgrade to Renoise!

dude, renoise is a beast in many ways, although it’s definitely got it’s own somewhat convoluted and hacky workflow for doing things done easily in other daws. That said, it’s strengths are unique and powerful, and at the price point that’s asked for, it’s one of the best fucking deals in music production software available. I paid $75 in 2014 and am still cruising til 4.0. Which means the upgrade cycles are also painfully slow, lol. But, get it! you won’t regret it, especially if you enjoy redux

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