Right click things that are not in the prefs

by the topic title I mean perhaps we could have: right clicking e.g. on the 1> button would set the default for new multisamples the way it stands at that moment (ie. just before right clicking). Where a drumkit starts and whether white keys only are used is saved Renoise wide, already. Maybe there’s more stuff that can be re-defaulted even when there’s no gui for it…

I’m not sure I quite understand you. IE where exactly this 1> button is. But if you mean the areas I think then you need to think about the fact that right-clicking already has a purpose in most areas.

From above I thought you might have meant the From Note Range in the Generate DrumKit option. Left-click adds/subtracts one semitone, right-click changes it by a whole octave. Similar in most other areas, where the right-click will be a large change and the left-click the standard, smaller change.

Sorry it was not clear, I meant the Sample Editor button that controls whether slices are played and then stopped or then play the entire sample that follows from next slice. It’s title (in keyb. shortcuts) is “Toggle Single Slice Trigger”.