Ring Mod Synth in Redux

This has been done before but it’s so much better now. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Create a sample

  2. Draw a waveform that’s just a straight line across the very top.

  3. Go to modulations

  4. From the dropdown, choose one of the AM waveforms

  5. Click “Note” and insert a keytracker modulation to control it

  6. Bring Input for Note down all the way

And that’s it. It can track polyphonically now.

The downside: this will take your filter envelope away. And no kind of unison or pwm but hey this isn’t really supposed to be a practical trick, it’s just for the cool factor.

That’s neat.

I see you can set up the comb filter mode in a similar way. So, some simplistic physical modeling. Draw in some random stuff in the sample, set up a short (or not, even) burst with a volume env. Turn up the feedback. Mess around with stuff. Randomly change waveform with pencil to change harmonics.

There is no filter in the delay line but you can kind of use the comb filter’s drive parameter to make up for it, maybe put an envelope on that. Or not.

Plasticy string sounds for you plucking pleasure…

Guess i have to make a Big Bloomer 3.1. :slight_smile:

Thats great!